Scarlet Witch Battles Goddess of Death Hela in Mind-Blowing What If Season 2 Trailer Breakdown

Marvel recently dropped the trailer for the highly anticipated second season of their popular Disney+ series What If…?, giving fans a thrilling first look at the alternate reality chaos set to unfold.

Spanning nine episodes that will be released daily starting December 22nd, season 2 boasts vastly improved animation and an array of tantalizing scenarios. We witness an alternate version of the Avengers featuring Hank Pym and Winter Soldier Steve Rogers facing off against a young Peter Quill.

Hela arrives on Earth seeking mayhem, with a potential match-up against Scarlet Witch. Tony Stark engages in intergalactic demolition derbies on Sakaar while Odin battles Wenwu.

One reality shows Steve Rogers accidentally activating the Time Stone and sending the team back to 1602.

What If Season 2 Trailer Breakdown

Most intriguing is the return of Doctor Strange Supreme on the hunt for a powerful new hero named Kaherri across the multiverse, with Killmonger and Thanos hot on her heels.

With trippy animation and endless excitement, What If…? Season 2 aims to be a wild multiversal ride.

Overview of What If Season 2 Trailer Breakdown

The What If series explores alternate realities within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and is returning for season 2.

The animation in the upcoming season has significantly improved since season 1, with the visuals appearing clearer and more detailed. The season will feature 9 total episodes, released daily on Disney+ starting on December 22nd for 9 consecutive days.

The format of standalone episodes with “what if” scenarios allows the show to explore unique stories not beholden to MCU continuity and gives writers much creative freedom with alternative timelines.

The new season looks to capitalize on many intriguing hypotheticals hinted at in the first season, such as the time travel and multiverse concepts that are increasingly prominent in recent MCU films and series.

With season 1 being a hit with fans, season 2 is primed to deliver another engaging mix of unpredictable adventures starring alternate versions of beloved characters.

Detailed Analysis of Specific Scenes and Characters from ‘What If’ Season Two Trailer

The “What If” Season Two trailer presents many scenes and characters that offer intriguing possibilities within the Marvel Universe. Let’s delve into a detailed analysis of these scenes and characters. We are exploring the potential implications and connections to the broader Marvel storyline.

Analysis of Key Scenes and Characters:

1. Peter Quill’s Unique Role:

  • The trailer shows Peter Quill in a setting that suggests a significant deviation from his known storyline.
  • His attire and the context hint at a different timeline or universe, raising questions about his role and influence in this alternate reality.

2. Hela’s Arrival on Earth:

  • A dramatic scene depicts Hela arriving on Earth, a scenario not seen in the mainstream MCU.
  • Her presence could lead to new conflicts and alliances, potentially changing the dynamics of Earth-based characters.

3. Nebula’s Transformation:

  • Nebula is seen in a seemingly different role, possibly hinting at her joining the Nova Corps.
  • This change could signify a significant shift in her character arc, exploring a path divergent from her known trajectory in the MCU.

3. Tony Stark on Sakaar:

  • Tony Stark’s presence on Sakaar, traditionally associated with Hulk, opens up a new narrative.
  • This could explore Stark’s ingenuity in a different world, possibly leading to unexpected technological advancements or alliances.

4. Odin’s Battle Involving the 10 Rings:

  • Odin is shown in combat, potentially in a storyline involving the 10 Rings.
  • This scenario might delve into the deeper lore of the 10 Rings, expanding on its history and power within the MCU.

5. Time Travel to the Year 1602:

  • The concept of Avengers being transported to 1602 introduces a historical and potentially magical dimension to the narrative.
  • This setting could integrate classical literature and historical figures, offering a novel perspective on the Avengers.

6. Introduction of Kaherri:

  • Kaherri, a new character able to create portals, adds a fresh element to the MCU.
  • Her powers and origins could be central to the season’s plot, especially with her sought by characters like Thanos and Killmonger.

7. Supreme Strange’s Return:

  • The return of Supreme Strange indicates a continuation of exploring the multiverse.
  • His quest across universes could unravel new mysteries and connect disparate threads of the Marvel narrative.

8. Thanos and Killmonger’s Pursuits:

  • Thanos and Killmonger’s roles in pursuing Kaherri suggest a convergence of powerful characters and motivations.
  • Their involvement could lead to intense conflicts and reveal more about the nature of the multiverse.

10. The Watcher’s Narration:

The Watcher, as the narrator, continues to guide viewers through these alternate realities, possibly with an expanded role or deeper involvement.

Steve Rogers Accidentally Hits Time Stone

The exact series of events leading to Steve Rogers facing off solo against Thanos while wearing a completed Infinity Gauntlet remains unclear. But this singular happening irrevocably impacts the multiverse.

Here are a few intriguing possibilities on how this showdown comes to pass:

  • After Tony Stark’s sacrifice play in Endgame, Steve pursues Thanos alone into alternate timelines, seeking vengeance.
  • Supreme Strange, or another reality-hopping entity, pulls Steve into their universe to help stop Thanos.
  • In this branch of reality, Thanos still succeeds in gathering all stones and snaps half of life out of existence.

Regardless of how Thanos acquired the gauntlet, Steve seems to make contact with the Time Stone during their scuffle. And even the slightest manipulation of the Time Stone causes massive disruptions in chronology and spacetime.

We see this vividly in the trailer’s aftermath. Iconic heroes like Steve and Hulk transported centuries back to 1602, reliving the history of the Marvel comic book storyline. Other Avengers may get scattered to separate eras.

And these are merely the effects we witness onscreen. The implications of Steve’s act threaten countless alternate timelines and realities connected to the root universe from which he originates.

This singular punch may fracture the multiverse fabric on a scale Supreme Strange himself cannot undo. Once broken, the interwoven branches of existence can never be made wholly right again.

Alternate Avengers Team

This alternate version of the Avengers features some differences from the core MCU team. Hank Pym is shown wearing his Yellowjacket suit from Ant-Man.

His inclusion suggests this storyline is set in the past compared to the current MCU timeline, as Hank Pym was shown in the Captain Marvel movie, which was set in the 1990s. However, the trailer does not definitively establish when this takes place.

Another key member is The Winter Soldier. However, there is a theory that this could be Steve Rogers serving as the Winter Soldier in this reality. Later scenes show an aged Avengers team with Peggy Carter wearing presidential attire. Peggy may be President in this timeline, perhaps taking over leadership duties after Winter Soldier Steve Rogers was killed earlier.

The Avengers, in this reality converge on a fair where a young boy catches their attention. This child is Peter Quill, wearing the same classic outfit from when Yondu abducted him. The team battles an army of Ego, the Living Planet beings. Thor is also shown to be part of this alternate Avengers squad.

Supreme Strange Returns

Supreme Strange, the wildly powerful “Strange Supreme” variant seen in What If…? season 1, makes his anticipated comeback in the season 2 trailer. He is shown urgently peering into multiple universes and timelines, seemingly searching for something specific across the multiverse.

Later, context reveals he is hunting for a heroine named Kaharri. She is an original character, not drawn from Marvel comics, created for the show. The footage shows Kaharri gaining powers after being shot in the hand and falling into waters infused with the Tesseract / Space Stone. This mutates her blood and grants her incredible abilities.

Likely sensing the immense power she now wields via Space Stone-based magic, Supreme Strange tries traversing the multiverse in pursuit of Kaharri. But he is not the only one seeking the uniquely gifted heroine.

Other shots indicate that Killmonger has returned after the events of season 1, still harboring villainous ambitions. He seems to be hunting for Kaharri across universes and realities. Moreover, Thanos also takes an interest in her, seen battling Kaharri and tearing away her mystical shields. The fact that both Killmonger and Thanos are involved cannot bode well for what’s to come.

Other Tidbits

Loki oversees the multiverse

While Loki himself does not directly appear in the footage, it is mentioned that this version of the God of Mischief has taken over as overseer of the entire multiverse. This is a fitting position of power, given Loki’s penchant for manipulation and thirst for control. It also ties directly into concepts explored in the Loki Disney+ series involving the Time Variance Authority and maintaining proper timeline flows across infinities of realities.

Potential Hela vs. Wanda battle teased

One brief but electrifying shot shows the Scarlet Witch exchanging energy beams with a menacing Hela. This suggests a confrontation between the two intensely formidable women could occur if their plotlines converge. A duel between Wanda’s chaotic magic and Hela’s lethal prowess would surely devastate whatever landscape it unfolds on. Fans are eager to witness the mayhem and wizardry ensuing should these two heavyweight forces collide.

Final Thought

The cosmic chaos unleashed in the What If…? season 2 trailer explodes with thrilling potential. An exponential expansion on the wild, unpredictable storytelling that captivated fans last season.

These brief glimpses promise staggering adventures exploring the people and events that shape the known multiverse and startling alternate realities beyond.

While the stories and visuals indulge fans’ imaginations, the themes still resonate. We witness characters finding fortitude in unexpected places, like Wanda and the 1602-displaced Avengers.

We see former foes like Nebula and Wenwu taking heroic turns. And old rivals may become new allies, as teased by the possible Wanda/Hela team-up. Ultimately, the value is not just seeing our favorite heroes and villains in shocking settings but watching them rise to tap unexpected greatness within themselves.

If the trailer is any indication, What If Season 2 may eclipse its inaugural season and take the MCU to bold new dimensions. The door to the multiverse’s infinite energies has burst open.

As viewers, we must brace with bated breath for whatever comes next through these portals linking countless realities across the extradimensional expanse.

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