Movies Like 12th Fail: Top 8 Recommendations

As someone who has struggled academically, I have always found solace in movies that explore this theme. There is something about seeing characters overcoming obstacles and succeeding despite their academic failures that resonates with me.

In this blog post, we will delve into the importance of this genre and why audiences connect so profoundly with these movies.

We will also list 10 movies like 12th Fail that explore academic struggles differently. From ‘Hichki,’ which shows how a teacher overcomes her speech disability, to ‘3 Idiots,’ which critiques the education system, each movie on this list has a unique approach to the theme.

So grab some popcorn, get cozy, and let’s dive into the world of cinema’s portrayal of academic struggles.

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1. ‘Hichki’ – Overcoming obstacles

The journey in ‘Hichki’ resonates deeply with me as it showcases the human spirit’s triumph over personal and professional adversities. The film underscores the significance of resilience, determination, and unwavering optimism in overcoming life’s obstacles.

Watching ‘Hichki’ inspires me to confront and conquer challenges, instilling a sense of perseverance and hope. The portrayal of overcoming hurdles in ‘Hichki’ fosters a personal connection with the characters, evoking strong emotions and empathy.

It’s truly remarkable how this Indian film captures the essence of overcoming obstacles and serves as a source of motivation and empowerment for the audience.

2. ‘Super 30’ – A journey from struggle to success

The journey in ‘Super 30’ is truly inspiring as it portrays the transformative tale of overcoming adversity and achieving academic excellence.

This Indian film celebrates the indomitable spirit of individuals, emphasizing the power of education in transcending socioeconomic barriers.

‘Super 30’ resonates with viewers through its portrayal of determination and perseverance, fostering a deep connection with the audience.

Based on the true story of mathematician Anand Kumar, the storyline evokes emotions and highlights the triumph of the human spirit.

It’s a powerful narrative underscores the significance of resilience and hard work in facing daunting challenges.

3. ‘3 Idiots’ – A critique of the education system

The conventional approach to education and career pursuits is critiqued in ‘3 Idiots’. It challenges societal norms and expectations surrounding academic success, advocating for a more holistic and practical approach to learning.

The film prompts reflection on the existing education system and its impact on students, encouraging viewers to question traditional notions of success and failure.

As I watched ‘3 Idiots’, I couldn’t help but ponder the flaws in our education system and the undue pressure it places on students, particularly characters like Farhan, Raju, and Rancho.

The portrayal of Raju resonates deeply with anyone who has felt the weight of academic expectations, urging us to reassess our priorities.

The movie’s advocacy for a more flexible and compassionate approach to education is both compelling and thought-provoking, stirring conversations about the true purpose of learning.

4. ‘Taare Zameen Par’ – Embracing differences

Growing up, I was deeply moved by ‘Taare Zameen Par,’ as it sensitively addresses the challenges faced by children with learning differences.

The film advocates for inclusivity and understanding of diverse learning abilities, emphasizing the importance of nurturing individual talents and strengths.

It fosters empathy and acceptance towards individuals with unique learning needs, promoting the value of embracing diversity within educational settings.

Watching this Indian film directed by Aamir Khan on Netflix reminded me of the significance of embracing differences in our society.

The storyline beautifully portrays the journey of a dyslexic child and his struggle to be understood, resonating with audiences worldwide.

‘Taare Zameen Par’ truly embodies the essence of empathy and celebrates the uniqueness of every individual’s learning journey.

5. ‘Chhichhore’ – Success beyond academics

As someone immersed in Indian films, ‘Chhichhore’ has left a lasting impression on me. Its storyline goes beyond the box office success and delves into the essence of personal growth and emotional well-being.

The movie beautifully portrays how life experiences, rather than academic accomplishments, contribute to our overall development.

6. Oppenheimer (directed by Christopher Nolan)

The prospect of experiencing Christopher Nolan’s take on this historical true story is truly captivating.

The anticipation surrounding ‘Oppenheimer’ directed by Christopher Nolan, is palpable, and I can’t wait to delve into the storyline and its cinematic portrayal.

Knowing Nolan’s approach to storytelling, I anticipate a uniquely thought-provoking experience that will stay with me long after the credits roll.

Additionally, witnessing the collaboration between Christopher Nolan and an ensemble cast adds another layer of excitement, making ‘Oppenheimer’ a highly anticipated addition to cinema.

7. I am Kalam (2010)

I vividly recall the moving tale of ‘I am Kalam’ directed by Nila Madhab Panda. This Indian film beautifully depicts the journey of an underprivileged child from Chambal striving for education and empowerment. The storyline is heartwarming, evoking deep empathy and leaving a lasting impression.

The young actors’ performances are endearing and authentic, fostering a solid emotional connection with the audience. Moreover, the film skillfully addresses social issues and offers valuable insights engagingly, making it a box office success and a profoundly impactful cinematic experience.

‘I am Kalam’ truly stands as a testament to determination and resilience, encapsulating the essence of destiny and the power of education.

8. Dasvi (2022)

With an intriguing and fresh storyline, ‘Dasvi’ is a must-watch Hindi-language comedy-drama film. Abhishek Bachchan’s stellar performance adds depth to the character, blending humor, emotions, and life lessons in a relatable manner.

The portrayal of the 12th fail protagonist’s journey is inspiring and thought-provoking, resonating with the audience. The movie offers a compelling narrative that captivates the viewers.

Plus, I’m excited about the collaboration between Vinod Chopra and Manoj Kumar Sharma, ensuring an authentic and engaging experience.

The exploration of destiny and the protagonist’s journey through life’s ups and downs make ‘Dasvi’ a compelling addition to Indian films.

What are the main themes explored in 12th Fail?

The main themes explored in the movie “12th Fail” include:

  1. Perseverance and Determination: The film portrays the journey of the protagonist, Manoj Kumar Sharma, and his unwavering determination to become an IPS officer despite facing numerous setbacks and failures.
  2. Education System and UPSC Aspirants: The movie sheds light on the challenges and hardships UPSC aspirants face, offering a raw and accurate portrayal of the education system and the struggles of students preparing for competitive exams.
  3. Friendship, Love, and Family: “12th Fail” also delves into true friendship, love, and the importance of family support during tough times.
  4. Ethics and Integrity: The protagonist’s commitment to ethical principles and perseverance in the face of criticism and disappointments is a prominent theme in the movie.
  5. Hope and Courage: The film chronicles hope and courage, emphasizing the importance of fighting for one’s dreams without compromising personal ideals.

The movie “12th Fail” is praised for its honest portrayal of these themes, making it a compelling and inspiring watch.


What is an example of a 12A movie?

An example of a 12A movie is “Spider-Man: No Way Home” (2021). This film rating in the UK means that children under 12 can watch the movie with an adult. Other examples of 12A movies include “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” (2021) and “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” (2017). Introduced in 2002, the 12A rating replaced the old PG rating.

What do you watch when you feel like a failure?

Looking for inspiration when you’re feeling like a failure? Watch movies that motivate you to keep going despite setbacks, like “Rocky” or “The Pursuit of Happyness.” Find solace in comedy films like “Bridesmaids” or “The Hangover,” or gain new perspectives from documentaries such as “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” or “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” And don’t forget the uplifting stories of characters overcoming adversity, like in “Slumdog Millionaire” or “Good Will Hunting.”

Can a 13-year-old watch a 15 film with parents?

Parents have the ultimate discretion on whether a 13-year-old can watch a 15-rated film. The BBFC suggests that such films may contain content unsuitable for children under 15. Parents should consider their child’s maturity level and sensitivity to specific themes before deciding, and it is recommended that they watch the film together and discuss any sensitive or inappropriate content.

Is the 12th Fail Movie on Netflix?

The movie “12th Fail” is not currently available on Netflix. However, it is expected to be released on the OTT platform Zee5 and is already available for streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar.

Who is the best actor in the movie 12th fail?

The actor who is widely praised for his performance in the movie “12th Fail” is Vikrant Massey. Critics and audiences have lauded his character portrayal, highlighting his honesty, conviction, and emotional depth.


Movies exploring academic life’s struggles and challenges entertain, inspire, and resonate with audiences. They shed light on the importance of perseverance, overcoming obstacles, embracing differences, and finding success beyond academics.

Films like ‘Hichki,’ ‘Super 30,’ ‘3 Idiots,’ ‘Taare Zameen Par,’ and ‘Chhichhore’ showcase these themes beautifully and leave a lasting impact. I would love to hear your suggestions if you want more recommendations.

Which other movies would you add to this list? Let’s continue the conversation and share our favorite films that delve into the complexities of educational journeys.

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